Monika S. Paseka


by Monika S. Paseka

Monika S. Paseka, member of the OSPG/Austrian South Pacific Society in Vienna.

As her new book about New Zealand is an authentic, appreciative introduction into the Māori culture and life in New Zealand and partly on Tonga, She would like to introduce it to you!
In the book you will find first hand account stories about the Māori culture, the land and the people in New Zealand. They present you with a vivid picture of who we are by following our heart. She met all kind of people, catholics, protestants, jewish people, buddhists, poor and rich ones. She wove their and her stories together and so they became a global community, a global family... She very much appreciated her stayings in the South Pacific / 20 months and could learn quite a lot there...
She is sharing these precious experiences with the reader...the value of the nature, the relationship with our ancestors, the community, the meaning of cultur - keeping it alive ...

Contents of the book

Koha, Te Reo Māori, Māori Descent, Pounamu, The Treaty of Waitangi, Singing Treasures, Ta Moko, The Shaky Island, The Marae, Kapa Haka, Tonga – The Kingdom in the South Pacific.


The text was especially meaningful because Monika S. Paseka was exploring a country and culture most familiar to me. It is inspirational that someone as foreign to NZ and our culture desired such an authentic experience, one completely devoid of any tourist keepsake, instead treasuring the people and their gifts this engagement brought. Her encounter I see as being so courageous - following her heart and believing  the journey and its lessons were exactly where it needed to be.

Nga mihi maioha, e hoa. Monika – You have touched my heart –aroha Sue Gulliver/Auckland, New Zealand July 2018

New Zealand <Living Wishes. Tasting Clouds. Aotearoa> Infinity Publishing
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